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Sprint's had a rocky few years. Sprint Direct2You” brings the same store experience into a customer's home or office. To fix this particular problem, the company should make this roaming option and all other additions to sprint plans possible online. Wireless networks will typically want you to have your account or device information ready before being connected to a live representative.

I wanted a new phone but wanted everything else to stay the same, and was promised by Sprint multiple times that it could, should, and would. I was leaving for China in a few days and just as I do every month, I dial 3 to pay my Sprint bill. And yes I do find it offensive that those customer service people would make fun of the Handicapped like that.

I added a line and signed a new 2 year agreement for a free iPhone 4s. Every time I switch to a so-called lower plan like the family share plan which is suppose to be 100 per month plus all my fees ins and other the bill, was said to be no more than165.

If you're looking to consolidate your phone and cable bills, AT&T has more to offer than Sprint, though it'll come at a higher monthly cost. Fast forward to today-Monday, August 27-and I called customer service first thing in the morning because my money still had not arrived.

After the mental anguish Sprint put me through, they should give me free phones and free service for life. It didn't work, and I called customer service to ask why. It is absolutely infuriating to go from a great company like Nextel to a company like Sprint in hopes that Nextel's great service and customer care has influenced the merger.

Sprint countered that the ad correctly reflected a report by performance testing company Ookla, which said its crowdsourced data showed that Verizon's average download speed dropped shortly after February 1, 2017, when the company rolled out unlimited data.

I am convinced that Sprint is not the only poor customer service when you review other services in america that are now being handled by foriegn countries with poor English speaking representatives. All told, Cleveland took care of my question in a lightning-quick 4-and-a-half minutes, and that's with the phone tree time factored in.

Rather than get violent with the guy, I marched out of there and promptly called "customer service" again to see if I could find some answers. I have been trying to pay my phone bill for the month for the past two weeks. If you like the service you have now you should probably keep it. Your current Sprint or T-Mobile service isn't going to get any worse and we doubt prices are going to rise any time soon.

Sprint has laid off at Bad customer service least 2,500 people, with most of the positions coming from customer service call centers throughout the US, according to Reuters The layoffs mean that Sprint is completely shutting down four of its call centers, while another two will be scaled back.

If granted approval, Sprint customers that become part of a new T-Mobile network should expect to see improvements where they have mediocre service right now in the short-term. Sprint still will not release my number, claiming I owe a month's payment. It wasn't a new iPhone; it was a cheaper service plan for my old one.

Sprint Corporation allowed illegal charges to be added to consumers' wireless bills, a process known as "cramming." The case was filed against Sprint and Verizon who must pay a combined $120 million in refunds and $38 million in penalties and investigative costs.

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